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Audiovisual Integrator

Avidex is an Audiovisual Integrator with more than 20 years of expertise based in Athens, Greece.

We handle audiovisual projects from the stage of design until the stage of maintenance and support. Our account portfolio includes Corporations, Hospitality facilities, Commercial businesses, Education Foundations, Megayachts etc.

We design custom audiovisual solutions for every space, need and budget, offering top customer service and a high level of expertise.

What we do

Avidex is successfully completing AV Projects for more than 20 years.


We provide expertise in the earliest level of a project, that of design, by setting the specs.

System Design

After the stage of consulting, comes the creation of the design.

Equipment Supply

We retain long valuable partnerships with top manufacturers, and provide a vast variety of AV equipment.

Project Management

We handle the project from design until completion, managing successfully the process.


Our team of expert technicians handles with success the installation of the equipment.


We conduct team training, to ensure the maximum efficiency after the implementation of the project.

A Unique Partner

What makes Avidex a unique partner for you?

Business Integrity​

From the first contact until project completion, we are by your side to offer guidance and know how in every step of the process.​

High level of expertise​

20 years of experience in a majority of complex projects, plus the high level of skill of our team of engineers and technicians, offers a problem free procedure, from the stage of design until completion and from first contact to after sales support.​

Work Ethics​

We guarantee to offer the best fit of hardware and software to match your requirements. With a wide collaboration with the major A/V equipment manufacturers, we have the flexibility to customize the solution to your specific needs, not being tied up to specific brands and products.​


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Our Brands

We trust industry’s top AV equipment manufacturers.

Our Clients

Our expertise is trusted by a broad range of leading companies.