We provide advice and ideas, designing and supplying individually scalable products and systems in multiple corporate, commercial, public and private facilities.


Avidex is your technology partner for every corporate space. Either for audiovisual installations, or automation & control systems, we have the expertise to step in

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Avidex is creating visual projects that maximise brand exposure. Displays Digital displays grab the attention of your visitors and help you promote your brand efficiently.

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Avidex upgrades the learning experience. Training with the use of the typical black board will soon be history.Today, education and training rooms are equipped with

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Avidex is creating digital environments that improve the guest experience. Audiovisual Technology can create and sustain an enjoyable customer experience, crafted to the modern customer’s

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medical monitors


Avidex integrates audiovisual systems for healthcare institutions. Avidex is your business partner to integrate Audiovisual Systems in healthcare facilities. We provide the systems design, supply,

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transparent screens

Museums & Art

Avidex creates audiovisual environments to enhance the guest interactivity with the cultural exhibits. Digital Technology and audiovisual installations tend to be adopted from rising cultural

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Avidex knows how to create an optimal digital experience onboard. It is different to work and fulfill the high level of expertize needed in a

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Avidex offers expertise to transform your digital home. AVIDEX has over than 20 years of experience looking after high profile private clients.  We deliver systems

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