ADENA Limited is an exclusive partner of AREC ( and RADA brand products, offering such technological marvels as RADA HDMI to USB BRIDGE, and RADA PreciseTouch. We are a dynamic team of professionals from all parts of the world. Our multicultural background ensures that we provide the best level of support and can assist you in any project or situation.

ADENA Limited provides solutions for your recording and streaming tasks, such as Lecture, Corporate Meeting, Training, Events, Governmental Sessions, Manufacturing Processes and many others.


Whether it is a need to record and stream, save locally and remotely, have original sources’ videos after recording, combining various devices, connect to colleagues using interactive screens and work together seamlessly, or else, Media Capture and Media Collaboration Systems can overcome it.

In countries all over the world there are organisations and institutions finding challenges that can only be resolved by installation of a professional AV system.

These challenges are different and come from distinct markets, such as educational, corporate, medical, and other, yet in Media Capture and Collaboration Systems they find a definite answer.