Avidex is your technology partner for every corporate space.

Either for audiovisual installations, or automation & control systems, we have the expertise to step in and offer a unique preposition based on your needs and budget.

We are specialized in audiovisual solutions for every working and meeting space. We are offering turnkey solutions based on size, preferred technology, way of work (B.Y.O.D.) and budget.

Meeting room technology

Includes the visual equipment, the audio equipment, the presentation technology, and the work style specifications. Display, collaboration, wireless presentations, videoconference platforms, room booking solution, these all are the features of a modern meeting room.We have created many different corporate huddle rooms, standard meeting rooms as well as large conference spaces. We integrate all technologies into simple automated orders, improving your productivity rates.

Displays and Projection

Through our long-term trade agreements, we are in position to provide all display equipment for your specific needs. Professional displays, lamp, laser, short-throw projectors, Interactive monitors, led displays, Videowalls etc, are an example of all our visual equipment solutions.

Audio-Video Conferencing

We are in long term cooperation with the most significant brands for audio video conferencing, and we are ready to offer a seamless audiovisual experience in your working space.

Corporate Signage

Digital Signage has become the communication technology of the future. Information sharing, Reception welcoming, wayfinding, marketing messages & entertainment through led screens, displays or mobile devices are only a few of the ways that signage can be used in a corporate space, to improve your personnel’s life while simultaneously updating the company’s image and the overall visitor experience.

Wireless Presentation

A Wireless Presentation System is a media streaming device that enables one or more users to wirelessly present content from a PC, tablet or smartphone on a bigger display. The experience of a meeting is updated, and the process becomes quick and easy. Meetings become more productive and less time is consumed in faulty connectivity, difficulty of finding the right equipment, or lack of IT know how.

Room Booking

A room booking system, allows you to handle meeting rooms from your calendar, or directly from the screen. Integrates with multiple platforms, displays meeting room per availability, size and equipment, and gives you valuable insights on your company’s meeting patterns.

Control Systems

Control Rooms requires sophisticated projection, signal management & control technology for the simultaneous projection of various signals from workstations or Video Cameras. The signal processors must very powerful to handle many signals on many windows with high resolution. The projection systems must be of high definition with the best uniformity in color and brightness. AVIDEX is collaborating with the major manufactures and integrators of control room systems and has vast experience in a variety of projects. 24hour support is critical for control room operation. AVIDEX offers extensive maintenance and support contracts for his customers.