Avidex upgrades the learning experience.

Training with the use of the typical black board will soon be history.
Today, education and training rooms are equipped with Video and Data Projectors, Visualizers, Interactive Writing Boards, Internet connections, pc recording and storing of training sessions.

Advanced teletraining systems can be used for broadcasting the training to unlimited remote sites and classrooms, enabling the active participation of hunderds of students in real time just as they were in the live classroom.

AVIDEX is experienced in planning and installing teletraining systems as we have installed hunderds of smaller installations with projectors, Interactive boards and audio systems.

Classroom technology

The current generation of students, surrounded by internet and modern technologies, are more adaptive to a training culture more personalised and customised to their needs.

Interactivity is a strong ally in the modern classroom, where students become more engaged in the content, and the learning experience becomes entertaining. In addition, other digital tools help create the remote classroom, where distant users are virtually brought into the classroom, through the audio, video, and live streaming systems used.

Interactive Systems

Using digital tools in education, stimulates student’s curiosity, boosts their engagement, optimizes their comprehension and leads to a better learning experience. Interactive systems include interactive projectors, interactive whiteboards, but also interactive displays. We are here to guide you through available solutions, according to your needs and budget.


Auditoriums are a special category in education, because of the multiple audiovisual elements that they contain. In most cases, a study of the room is needed in order to correctly consider the position of the speakers and microphones.  Video Cameras with Pan, Tilt, and Zoom capabilities to record the conference or transmit with videoconferencing systems to remote sites.  Additional displays or screens for better viewing for delegates far from the main screen.  Translation systems with IP technology, interpretation booths and wireless receivers. Assistive Listening Systems. Connection and operation of Teletraining systems. Room Lighting control. And of course control and Automation systems such as Crestron for the control from one or more touch screens of the complicated A/V equipment from one person only. Our well experienced sales team can advise, design and install the components, in order to create a fully functional Auditorium. After sales support is guaranteed for the smooth operation of your investment.

Recording & Streaming

More and more education facilities appreciate the value of e-education and distant learning. Using digital tools to record audio and video, and simultaneously live stream the content to users online, is a perfect opportunity to share your content through the available channels. We cooperate with brands that offer recording/streaming solutions, and can guide you through the available choices; multiple input sources, different output formats, capturing etc.

Audio Systems

Either you own a small foreign language school, or you are the procurement specialist of a university campus, you need a well-designed audio system, to offer you the best possible audio quality that enhances the learning experience. Our audiovisual sales advisor will visit you, review the project area, and advise you accordingly. Central Audio system, Microphones, In ceiling speakers, or public address systems, Avidex has the experience to design and install the audio system of your choice.

Information Displays

Education Institutions have been deploying information displays really fast in the last years. They are serving multiple purposes such as wayfinding, entertaining, safety announcement. It accepts many forms of content, like schedules, images, powerpoint presentations, videos etc and can be placed in a variety of spaces; inside or outside of the classroom, in public areas of the education facility, in corridors, in dining areas etc. They are managed through a central system and a content management platform.

Audience Response Systems

Audience response is a type of interaction associated with the use of audience response systems, to create interactivity between a presenter and its audience. These systems combine hardware with presentation software. In educational settings, there are devices that users can hold called clickers, or through suitable software, they can also use their smartphones for the process. These systems attract the audience, stimulate their attention, and help them engage with the presenter. Our sales team can guide you through your choices of hardware, supply, install and educate your staff.


Education facilities consist of building areas, terrain areas, equipment ( hardware and devices, furniture and educational equipment) and of course, students and users. To maintain safety, the optimal option is to implement a central Security Management Information System, through which, your security infrastructure can be easily managed. The system can include alarm system, surveillance with CCTV cameras installations, entrance check, public address systems, etc. Avidex has a vast experience in creating control rooms, and installing all security measures that you will decide.