Museums & Art

Avidex creates audiovisual environments to enhance the guest interactivity with the cultural exhibits.

Digital Technology and audiovisual installations tend to be adopted from rising cultural sites and museums throughout the world, as it appears to be a modern and interactive way to communicate with the audience. Audiovisual Installations in museums and culture foundations, intend to highlight focal points, interact with the viewer, provide visual information about the display items, and attract the visitors.

Avidex has a long experience collaborating with cultural foundations in Greece offering the know-how to create unique audiovisual projects.

Touch Displays

Touch displays create interactivity and captures the attention of the visitors. Flatscreens, digital kiosks or touch monitors maximise your audience’s engagement. They can be free floor standing kiosks, wall mounted kiosks, touch screen LCDs or interactive monitors. Our sales team can provide you all needed guidance on the number of screens that you shall deploy, the preferred technology, the optimal screen size (inches) etc.

Guiding Systems

Guiding systems come in a variety according to the used technology, audio guiding and multimedia guiding. Relevant to the displays content is delivered to the users’ devices, as the tour guide narrates their story. These systems can carry many features like long distance reception, heavy use, but also location-aware capability that allows to deliver the associated content depending on the location of the visitor. Our sales advisor will explain the different features in order for you to decide based on your specific needs.

Lighting & Control

Control System of the lighting zones in the environment of a cultural facility is of great importance. The ambience of lighting adds to the creation of the overall visitor’s experience. Our team can transform all complex lighting multizones into simple straightforward control orders, and then educate your personnel to handle it securely and effectively.

Audio Systems

Audio Systems in a heavy use building like a museum, are a challenging project. A Public Address System is off course the priority regarding safety and security, nonetheless, there are many different zones, and a variety of display items that need special audio hardware such as in ceiling, directional speakers etc. Audio system enhances the visitor’s experience and adds liveliness to the exhibits. Our sales team is experienced in installing multizone audio systems, and can help you design and integrate the audio system of your choice.