Avidex offers expertise to transform your digital home.

AVIDEX has over than 20 years of experience looking after high profile private clients.  We deliver systems that make our client’s life easier, more secure and more enjoyable. Each project is treated as if it was our own home.

We’re aware of the personal touch required to make a house into a home. We listen to all the family’s requirements and design systems that are simple to use and that will serve the household for many years to come. We’ve looked after many famous clients over the years  and know how to deliver exceptional personal service.

At a start of a project we will take time to listen and fully appreciate what’s really important to the client. We will only recommend systems appropriate to customer needs and  lifestyle.

We employ our own engineers and all our staff are security vetted so customer know who is working in their home. Everyone is personally trained to show the greatest respect to the property, acting in a courteous and respectful manner.

We take on all sizes of project, from one room cinema installation to hundred square meter estates and work throughout Greece and Europe.

Audio visual

With your Digital Camera or mobile Phone you shoot hundreds of pictures and Videos, your collection of DVD’s and Blue Rays is increasing and you have only one copy to move between players, you connect in the internet to download the latest movie from Apple TV, your new TV is also connected to the internet,  the security cameras you installed you want to see at any place in your house etc…

There is an ever increasing array of delivery methods of content into the home using interactive services on broadband, satellite and cable. AVIDEX systems allow you to enjoy highly personalized content when you want, where you want, around your home or yacht.

Multiple sources such as hard disk AV servers, DVD, Blu-ray, Satellite, online TV and even CCTV images can be enjoyed simultaneously by different users at the same time.You can remotely control and view any channel independently in any room or select separate video sources such as CCTV and door entry on any screen.

We give you access to your recordings and let you easily select a high-definition  and 3D film to watch from your own library or various online services.

Multiroom Audio

We use the best audio systems to distribute, listen and control your entire music library through all your House or Yacht

Up until now, finding the perfect audio system was a compromise between aural quality and aesthetics. 

With today’s state of the art multi-room audio equipment, AVIDEX bring these two attributes together. While distributing a number of audio sources throughout multiple rooms, aesthetics and quality remain, with discreet (flush mounted) or totally invisible speakers. Our systems can be heard but not seen. 

AVIDEX have spent many years in order to evaluate the best music and multiroom audio systems in the  world so we can deliver the best possible audio system for our clients.

Our music servers offer synchronization of your entire music collection between your different properties.

Our designs offer high-quality sound whilst retaining the ease of use of the portable MP3 players such as iPod and integrating them with the wider systems throughout your building. So you can dock your portable player with your multi-room system and play your music wherever you need or edit a playlist, selecting your music with ease from your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet computer or one of our dedicated controllers.

Home Theater

AVIDEX is using the best equipment and as a result our home cinema systems exceed even those standards set by public cinemas, and all in the comfort of your own home.

Our projection systems can offer from full HD to 4K picture resolutions with 3D. Combined with optimized and calibrated 7.2 High Fidelity System the cinema experience you will enjoy will exceed your expectations.

We can create tailor made solutions to fit almost any room. Concealed screens that drop from the ceiling, emerge from a wall or pop up at the end of a bed. Typically these installations are invisible by day and seamlessly transform into the ultimate media complex by night with the press of a single button.

Enjoy your Films organized in one place, by using state of the art Movie Servers and Players such the ones from Kaleidescape systems. Even download at High Definition your preferred movie you do not own from the Internet and enjoy it in just a few minutes.

Control your entire Home Theater components using our advanced control systems from Crestron.

Lighting & Blinds

Lighting is an essential element to any home. Pendulum lights, sconces, under cabinet, high hats, floor lamps, accent and architectural lights enhance the overall design and decor of a home. Lighting levels from these fixtures provide the comfort, convenience and ambiance for every family and every occasion. Rows of switches and dimmers on the wall add clutter and detract from the aesthetic of a room. Manually adjusting sliders and knobs is awkward and cumbersome.

Control groups of lights, or each fixture individually, from an stylish keypad or striking touchpanel. You can even activate preset scenes, such as “movie,” “dinner party,” “good night,” or “vacation” with the press of a button.

Lighting is elegant, romantic, dramatic and inspiring. It is also a major energy consumer.With lighting control solutions AVIDEX can provide significant energy and cost savings without compromising comfort and convenience. Simple yet sophisticated, automation solutions ensure that all environmental systems – including lighting, shades and thermostats – work together to deliver maximum efficiency at all times.

Today’s modern homes are larger and include more installed technology than ever before, sometimes making simple tasks complex.

Most of our lighting projects also involve the control of natural light using beautiful, completely silent roller or roman blinds, or motorized curtains. Our skill lies in knowing which equipment works best in each situation and installing it to work in harmony with your needs.

We work and integrate our systems  with major Lighting and Shading Systems such as  Lutron, KNX EIB Instabus, Crestron, Dynalite, Philips etc.

Control Systems

The most sophisticated systems demand the simplest of controls. AVIDEX  takes great pride in producing attractive and functional systems that seamlessly integrate and control all of your equipment from a single room, or multiple locations in your property.

In the fully integrated solution a simple touch screen device can replace all of those unsightly handsets, and provide a reliable single point of control for AV, lighting, heating, air conditioning, blinds, curtains, water features, security systems and more. 

Your mobile device is only as powerful as the control system behind it. With AVIDEX mobile solutions you’re always connected to the most important things in life – your home and your family. Whether at the office, stuck in traffic, at the airport, or the other side of the globe, reliable whole home control and monitoring is at your fingertips. Anywhere, anytime.

From your smart phone or Web browser, use our CRESTRON  control app to check on the kids at home, or your elderly parents in another state.

Set the perfect temperature at your ski house, or fire up the spa at the beach house.Use Wi-Fi® in the home or 3G and 4G networks remotely – you’ll always be connectedWorks seamlessly with Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and Android devices

Select movies and music, adjust volumes, set lighting levels and room temperature, view security cameras + Customized and personalized graphics for intuitive touch screen control of all systems in all your properties.

Network & Wi-Fi

Connectivity is all. We help you connect quickly, securely and seamlessly to your world – work, home, entertainment and communications.

Reliable, high-speed broadband is essential for people these days. We use it for simple communication services, to catch up on TV, to work securely, to monitor our properties and plan our lives.

Data, TV and telephony have merged, using the same wires and technology to seamlessly deliver a host of services into and around your home. Free or low cost calls, telephone over the internet (VOIP), room to room dialing,  fast internet access and support for multiple telephones lines is now commonplace.

AVIDEX can design, install and maintain a system that fits your needs now and for many years to come.


A majority of clients requiring our services have beautiful homes, hi-tech offices or other premises all of which demand the very highest levels of protection. The total security solution involves a range of different systems; intruder, smoke and heat detection, CCTV and entry cameras, and remote monitoring services. AVIDEX  can help deliver the highest quality systems possible to keep you and your people safe, secure and comfortable.

We have completed a number of very high-profile projects for properties containing millions of Euros worth of jewellery and artwork. We design and install enhanced access control systems include keyless scramble keypads that never show the same sequence of numbers twice or read unique biometric data. Our CCTV systems can allow you to securely see any camera image remotely. We design asset-tracking systems that show you where you valuables are at any time. Whatever your requirements, AVIDEX can deliver the protection you need.