Avidex is creating visual projects that maximise brand exposure.


Digital displays grab the attention of your visitors and help you promote your brand efficiently.

There are multiple types of displays such as digital signage, LED Displays, simple or more raffinate projectors, Videowalls, interactive wayfinding and much more.

Video Walls

Video walls add flair that can drastically change the tone and atmosphere of your stores.

Video walls are configured in many shapes and sizes, and become an ideal option to promote your brand messages accordingly and connect with your visitors and shoppers. Due to their high brightness and large size, they are easily visible, and increase foot traffic to your store.

Direct Led Walls

Led Walls adopt to any space and size requirements, and offer maximum resolution choices. The Led Wall technology is rapidly growing, offering high end solutions, like curved led walls, transparent Led Walls, with high pixel pitch for clear bright images. Attract your visitors and offer them a beautiful viewing experience, promoting your brand messages in a unique way.

Window Displays

Exploit your Store Display opportunities, by taking advantage of your display’s room and volume. We are in position to guide your through your display choices, and offer you a turnkey solution according to your needs and budget.

Audio & Music Systems

We have a long experience installing audio and music systems in a variety of projects. From high-rise buildings, to separate ground stores, and from Public Address installations, to more simple audio systems we are in position to offer you the solution you need.

Wayfinding & Digital Signage

Explore retail & brand communication opportunities through digital signage and wayfinding installations. Promote your brand messaging in and around your retail store and improve your awareness. Connect with your shoppers through digital signage points, and communicate your material to raise sales. Avidex is your partner to your digital signage installation, offering turnkey solutions both on time and in budget.